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This view displays lofts that may be 'distressed' sales, meaning that they could be short sales, foreclosures, or developer closeouts. Each property has its own special set of circumstances, and buying properties of this nature can be difficult and time consuming. Please contact us for more information.

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Hide details for [<span class=Cat>Chicago</span>]Chicago
Hide details for [<span class=Cat>Near South Side</span>]Near South Side
Hide details for [<span class=Cat>50 E 26Th: Bronzeville Lofts</span>]50 E 26Th: Bronzeville Lofts
        loft: 406Bronzeville Lofts loft 406 Near South Side Chicago IL 60616 photosale infophotosvirtual tour
building info
listing history
$300 K1757 sf171 $/sf10.0 ft17 $/cfbalconyoutdoor / 1 spaces
Hide details for [<span class=Cat>Near West Side</span>]Near West Side
Hide details for [<span class=Cat>1550 S Blue Island</span>]1550 S Blue Island
        loft: 11061550 S Blue Island loft 1106 Near West Side Chicago IL 60608 photosale infophotosvirtual tour
building info
listing history
$125 K1123 sf111 $/sf10.0 ft11 $/cfgarage

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