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Terms and Conditions for Seller Posting of Loft for Sale

We are proud to allow users of this website to post their loft properties for sale FREE of COMMISSION for 30 days, subject to the following terms and conditions:

> The property will be included in all of the property listing areas of this website except for 'Featured Lofts'.
> The property will be included in all email updates that are sent to all users electing to receive such updates.
> The Seller will receive all leads generated by through the website from us via email or telephone.
> The free listing period does NOT constitute a Listing Agreement between the Seller and any representatives of this website. If, after the expiration of the free listing period, the Seller elects to enter into a Listing Agreement with us, that contract shall supercede these terms and conditions.
> During the free listing period the Seller is responsible for all aspects of the sale of the property including, but not limited to: setting pricing, conducting showings and open houses, and creating marketing materials.
> Information and photos submitted by the Seller to us are subject to our editorial review and correction.
> We reserve the right to refuse any posting request for any reason.
> If the Seller is currently under contract to sell with another real estate salesperson or broker, then the terms of that agreement shall supercede these Terms and Conditions, and in that case, the representatives of this website shall be eligible for any sales commissions offered by the Seller's broker or salesperson if the sale results from a lead generated by this website.

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